Trains from Sungai Siput to Padang Besar

By train the journey from Sungai Siput to Padang Besar is scheduled to take around 4 hours.

Train Times from Sungai Siput to Padang Besar

There is currently 1 direct train service a day from Sungai Petani to Padang Besar.

TrainSungai SiputPadang BesarService
942013:4116:33ETS Gold

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Sungai Siput Railway Station

Google Map of Sungai Siput Railway Station

Padang Besar Railway Station

Read more about Padang Besar Railway Station.

Google Map of Padang Besar Railway Station

About Travel to Padang Besar

Padang Besar is town with around 25,000 permanent residents segregated into two parts by the Thailand-Malaysia border. Padang Besar Railway Station is located in Malaysia, but contains both Malay and Thai immigration posts. This is because Padang Besar Railway Station is the only interchange station between the Malyasian railway network and the Thai railway network.

Trains from Malaysia to Thailand

Other than special tourist services, such as the ones operated by the Eastern and Oriental Express, there are currently no scheduled train services travelling from locations to the south of Padang Besar into Thailand. This is set to change in the future as a network of high speed train services from Kumming in China all the way to Singapore is slowly being constructed. For the moment, however, if you want to travel from Malaysia to Thailand by train then you need to change trains at Padang Besar.

Train Times from Malaysia to Thailand

There are currently 3 train services a day from Padang Besar to Thailand. 2 of these are local train services which travel as far as Hat Yai in a fairly standard time of 55 minutes.

  • Train 948: Departing Padang Besar at 09:55 (08:55 Thailand time)
  • Train 950: Departing Padang Besar at 16:40 (15:40 Thailand time)

The third train of the day is a long distance train which travels as far as Bangkok via Hat Yai, Surat Thani, Chumphon and Hua Hin, as well as several more smaller cities and towns on the way.

  • Train 46: Departing Padang Besar at 18:00 (17:00 Thailand time)

Train 46 is scheduled to terminate in Bangkok 16 hours 05 minutes later at 09:05 the following day.

Modern electric trains operate between Sungai Siput and Padang Besar
Modern electric trains operate between Sungai Siput and Padang Besar
Travel by Road from Padang Besar to Thailand

If travel by train from Padang Besar Railway Station to Thailand isn’t possible, perhaps because you didn’t book a ticket in advance for Train 46 or the connection times are inconvenient, you can also travel by road across the border and then take a minivan to Hat Yai.

Because of the way the roads are laid out, it’s much too far to walk from Padang Besar Railway Station across the border into Thailand. Instead you need to take one of the taxis or motorbike taxis which wait in the front car park of Padang Besar Railway Station to take passengers across the border. Expect to pay around 20 MYR person in a shared taxi. Taxis from Padang Besar Railway will only normally take passengers as far as the Thailand Immigration Center.

Once you make it through Thailand’s immigration checks you then need to take a motorbike taxi, or normal taxi which is harder to find, to the minivan station in the centre of the Thai half of Padang Besar. Minivans from Padang Besar only go as far as Hat Yai.

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