Trains from Kajang to Taiping

By train the journey from Kajang to Taiping is scheduled is take just over 4 hours, which is faster than travelling by bus.

Train Times from Kajang to Taiping

There are currently 2 direct train services a day from Kajang to Taiping.

942010:0114:10ETS Gold
932217:1921:22ETS Gold

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Kajang Railway Station

Google Map of Kajang Railway Station

Taiping Railway Station

Google Map of Taiping Railway Station

About Travel to Taiping

Taiping, located 60 km by road to the North West of Ipoh, is a pleasant and interesting small city with around 250,000 permanent residents.

History of Taiping

During the 19th Century Taiping was selected by the British colonial government as its first and main administrative centre on the Malay peninsula, largely due to the productivity of the local tin mining industry. Taiping developed rapidly during that period as a consequence. According to the Taiping tourist board, there are ’33 things which happened first’ in Taiping. This includes the first railway line in the Malaya peninsula, the first public gardens, the first museum, the first hill station and the first modern style prison.

Hill Station

The hill station at Bukit Larut, 1,250 metres above sea level and with cooler weather as a consequence of the elevation, is particularly interesting. The hill station is open to the public, to visit you need to either walk up (3 hours) or take one of the municipal cars which will hopefully be waiting to passengers at the bottom of the hill.

Hills of the Bintang Range near Taiping
Hills of the Bintang Range near Taiping
Rain in Taiping

Taiping received the highest level of rainfall anywhere on the Malay peninsula. The city’s position at the foot of the Bintang Hills is believed to encourage precipitation. As a consequence the whole area is notably green. The large city centre Taiping Lake Gardens has an extraordinary range of tropical plants and trees, some of which were planted more than 150 years ago during the early period of British direct rule. The city’s streets are also lined with shops with roofs overhanging the walkways to keep shoppers dry in the rain and cool when the sun shines.

Tourism in Taiping

Taiping is a pleasant place to spend a day or two wondering around looking at the historical buildings, and there are relatively few tourists who go there.

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