Trains from Gurun to Ipoh

By train the journey from Gurun to Ipoh is scheduled is take around 2 hours.

Train Times from Gurun to Ipoh

There is currently 1 direct train service a day from Gurun to Ipoh available to book online.

942516:4718:55ETS Gold

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Gurun Railway Station

Google Map of Gurun Railway Station

Ipoh Railway Station

Google Map of Ipoh Railway Station

About Travel to Ipoh

Ipoh is a great destination for a short break, with lots of interesting places to visit, a good range of hotels, and many excellent restaurants serving a diverse range of dishes, including local specialities for which Ipoh is infamous. The city has two types of attractions, those in the Old Town area, and the many caves in the surrounding hills.

Ipoh Old Town

Ipoh has an interesting history. In the last half of the 19th Century and first part of the 20th Century Ipoh was a prosperous centre for the trade in tin ore, which was mined in significant amount for the hills near Ipoh. Ipoh’s prosperity attracted large number of immigrants, first from India, and then from China. Ipoh also received substantial funding from the British colonial government for the construction of local infrastructure projects including Ipoh’s magnificent railway station.

The influence of foreign cultures is very evident in Old Town area of Ipoh, where Chinese style shop houses exist alongside European style buildings and mosques. Many of the older building have been well maintained and form part of the attraction of the Old Town area of the city.

All 27 key historical sites in Ipoh can be easily reached on foot by following the Ipoh Heritage Trail, which is a signposted walking trail through the city with information signs at each of the 27 stops.

ETS train service to Ipoh
ETS train service to Ipoh
Caves Near Ipoh

Ipoh is surrounded by limestone hills which, in addition to being rich is deposits of iron ore, are riddled with caves. Some of these caves have put to use as temples by Chinese Buddhists, and are popular tourist attractions. Ling Sen Tong, Sam Poh Tong, and Nam Thean Tong are cave temples in Ipoh which attract significant number of visitors.

Two other local caves in particular are also worth visiting. Gua Tambun features cave paintings dating back around 3,000 years. Gua Tempurung is famous for its stalactites and stalagmites and is easily accessible on foot.

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