Trains from Batang Kali to Taiping

By train the journey from Batang Kali to Taiping is scheduled to take 2 hours 21 minutes.

Train Times from Batang Kali to Taiping

There is currently 1 direct train service a day from Batang Kali to Taiping.

TrainBatang KaliTaipingService
932219:0121:22ETS Gold

Train Tickets from Batang Kali to Taiping

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Batang Kali Railway Station

Batang Kali Railway Station is located 9.1 km by road from Teratak Tok Alang.

Google Map of Batang Kali Railway Station

Taiping Railway Station

Taiping Railway Station is 2.3 km by road from Taiping Lake Gardens.

Google Map of Taiping Railway Station

About Travel to Taiping

With a population of around 250,000 permanent residents, Taiping is the second largest town in Perak State.

History of Taiping

Like Ipoh, which is a larger city 60 km to the south east, Taiping grew rapidly in the late 19th Century with an influx of Chinese migrants coming to work in the tin mining industry. Taiping grew so quickly that by 1876 it became the administrative capital of the region. The British colonial government also invested heavily in developing the local infrastructure making Taiping in many respects the most modern city in the Malay Peninsula.

Taiping Lake Gardens is the oldest public park in Malaysia
Taiping Lake Gardens is the oldest public park in Malaysia
Innovations in Taiping

According to the local tourist authority, there are 33 things that happened in Taiping before they happened anywhere else in Malaysia. This includes the construction of the peninsula’s first railway line, first modern style prison, first zoo, first modern police force and first museum. In a very real sense what happened in Taiping in the late 19th Century and early 20th Century marks the beginning of Malaysia’s rapid movement towards the development of a modern state, a process that grew in pace after independence.

Taiping Lake Gardens

The most striking feature of Taiping’s city centre is its large public garden, which has been named Taiping Lake Gardens. As Malaysia oldest public garden, Taiping Lake Gardens is another the ‘firsts’ referred to in the local tourism authority’s marketing.

Taiping Lake Gardens covers an area of 640,000 square metres and features 8 lakes and ponds, as well as a wide range of trees and plants.

Bukit Larut

Bukit Larut, also known as Maxwell Hill, is a 1,250 metre high hill close to Taiping city centre. On top of this hill the local British community established the first hill station in the Malay Peninsula. The idea of building second homes at altitude to escape the heat was well established in British India by that time, but a new concept to South East Asia.

It’s about a 3 hours walk to reach the top of Bukit Larut, however, the local authority operates a number of 4 wheel vehicles that will transport visitors to the top of the hill for a small fee. There are a handful of cafes and restaurants, as well as small bungalow hotels, on the peak of the hill close to the cluster of cottages built for use by the British residents.

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