Trains from Alor Setar to Taiping

By train the journey from Alor Setar to Taiping takes just under 1 hour 40 minutes. If you want to travel by bus from Alor Setar to Taiping you need to change services in Ipoh.

Train Times from Alor Setar to Taiping

There are 5 direct train services a day from Alor Setar to Taiping.

TrainAlor SetarTaipingService
927308:0909:46ETS Platinum
927510:1411:51ETS Platinum
927714:1915:56ETS Platinum
942516:3018:08ETS Gold
927917:2418:59ETS Platinum

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Alor Setar Railway Station

Alor Setar Railway Station is 12.0 km by road from Kuala Kedah Jetty.

Google Map of Alor Setar Railway Station

Taiping Railway Station

Taiping Railway Station is 2.3 km by road from Taiping Lake Gardens.

Google Map of Taiping Railway Station

About Taiping

Taiping is the second city of Perak State, the first city being the better known and larger Ipoh. This green and pleasant corner of Malaysia is best known for a number of things foremost of which is its weather. Taiping receives the most rainfall of anyway in the Malay peninsula and the city is has particularly verdant public parks as a consequence, particularly the very pleasant Taiping Lake Gardens. Also related to the rain, the pedestrian walkways in the city centre are largely within covered arcades which helpfully protects visitors from the regular downpours. Adding the scenic qualities of the city are the Bintang hills, which are visible from the city centre although often the tops of the hills are obscured by low lying clouds.

Taiping has an impressive city centre public park
Taiping has an impressive city centre public park

Taiping, like Ipoh, was a tinning centre in the late 19th Century through to the first half of the 20th Century. The city was also the British Empire’s first administrative centre in the Malay peninsula, and the first place in the Malay peninsula to benefit from British innovations like railway services, formal prisons, a professional police force, public gardens, a public museum and a zoological garden, all of which are still in use today. Like Ipoh, Taiping has a ‘heritage trail’ which you can follow to see nearly all of the city’s historical sites from the colonial era. You can follow the heritage trail on foot, however, it includes Bukit Larut which it takes 3 or more hours to walk up so you might want to take advantage of the government operated cars that take visitors to the top of the hill for a small fee. Bukit Larut, formerly known as Maxwell Hill, was used by the British colonialists as a retreat from the hot weather. At the top of this 1,250 metre high hill is a small cluster of colonial era buildings and more recently constructed cafes and restaurants catering to tourists.

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