Trains from Taiping to Penang

The journey by train from Taiping to Butterworth Railway Station near Penang Island is scheduled to take slightly less than 1 hour.

Train Times from Taiping to Penang

There are currently 6 direct train services a day from Taiping to Butterworth in Penang.

917211:1812:15ETS Platinum
917414:2615:23ETS Platinum
917616:5217:49ETS Gold
917819:1020:07ETS Platinum
932221:2322:22ETS Gold
918023:2500:22ETS Platinum

Train Tickets from Taiping to Penang

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Taiping Railway Station

Taiping train station is 1.6 km by road from Kompleks Terminal Kumpulan Bas Taiping.

Google Map of Taiping Train Station

Butterworth Railway Station

Butterworth Railway Station is the main railway station in  is the closest railway station to Penang Island.

Google Map of Butterworth Railway Station

About Travel to Penang Island

The nearest you can travel to Penang Island by train is to Butterworth Railway Station on the mainland. Butterworth Railway Station is very close to the coast and the ferry port for services across the Penang Strait to George Town.

Car Ferry from Butterworth to George Town

The distance is just over 3 km from the ferry Port in Butterworth to the ferry port on Penang Island. The type of ferry used is a car ferry with an upstairs deck for passengers. There are some seats, a small shop and toilets on the ferry, however, because the journey time is so short most passengers simply stand leaning on the safety rails looking at the impressive views as the ferry sails towards the island of Penang.

Butterworth to Penang Island Ferry
Butterworth to Penang Island Ferry
Ferry Information

Information about the Butterworth to Penang ferry:

  • Cost: Adult fare is 1.20 RM, and child fare is 0.60 RM.
  • Ticket Purchase: You can only buy the tickets at a kiosk in the ferry port on the way to board the ferry.
  • Operating Hours: Everyday, with the first ferry from Butterworth to Penang leaving at 05:20, and the last ferry leaving at 00:10.
  • Frequency: Every 20 minutes until 22:00 and then every 30 to 40 minutes.
  • Journey Time: 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Travel to the Ferry Port: Upon leaving Butterworth Railway Station walk to the bus stop across the road directly in front of the main entrance to the station and wait for the free bus service to the ferry port.
  • Arrival in Penang: The car ferry from Butterworth arrives in Penang Island at the Pangkalan Sultan Abdul Halim Ferry Terminal, which is on the seafront road (the Pengkalan Road) in George Town. From there you can walk to most parts of the historic old town area of George Town in under 15 minutes.

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