Trains from Parit Buntar to Ipoh

By train it takes just over a hour to travel from Parit Buntar to Ipoh. Travel by train is more convenient than travel by bus because the train station is right in the centre of Ipoh, whilst the most bus station is several kilometres outside the city centre.

Train Times from Parit Buntar to Ipoh

There are currently 11 direct train services a day from Parit Buntar to Ipoh.

TrainParit BuntarIpohService
917105:4306:55ETS Platinum
917306:4808:00ETS Platinum
932108:1909:34ETS Gold
927309:1810:30ETS Platinum
927511:2312:35ETS Platinum
917513:1314:25ETS Platinum
927715:2816:40ETS Platinum
917716:3317:45ETS Platinum
942517:3918:55ETS Gold
927918:3119:43ETS Platinum
917919:1320:25ETS Platinum

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Parit Buntar Railway Station

Parit Buntar Railway Station is located 2 km walking distance from Hentian Raya Parit Buntar Bus Station.

Google Map of Parit Buntar Railway Station

Ipoh Railway Station

Ipoh Railway Station is one of Malaysia’s most impressive train stations and a tourist attraction in its own right.

Google Map of Ipoh Railway Station

Street Art in Ipoh

Ipoh is a city with a rich cultural history which attracts large numbers of visitors, particularly to Ipoh’s historic Old Town area near the main train station. Since 2014, when coffee company OLDTOWN commissioned a series of wall murals by artist Ernest Zacharevic, street art has become one of Ipoh’s most popular attractions.

Ernest Zacharevic

Ernest Zacharevic had become famous by this time for the wall murals he created for the 2012 George Town Festival in Penang. Zacharevic’s work in Penang focused on local culture and blending the physical structure of the buildings into the scenes depicted in his murals. The same approach was taken in the murals he created in Ipoh which celebrate the history of Ipoh and its inhabitants in playful and creative ways. There are 8 Zacharevic murals all within a compact area inside the Old Town itself.

Wall mural in Ipoh
Wall mural in Ipoh
Local Artists

Following these first 8 wall murals in 2014 other artists, particularly local artists, have been adding an ever expanding range of new murals all over Ipoh. The subject matter is for the most part about local life in Ipoh, although there is also a trend for shops and restaurants to use wall murals to advertise their services rather than traditional signs which is quirky and distinctive feature of Ipoh city that adds to its appeal. Ipoh is a city where art is a part of every day life.

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