Trains from Johor Bahru to Ipoh

To travel by train from Johor Bahru to Ipoh you need to change trains at Gemas Railway Station. If you take the right trains you can complete the journey in 9 hours 44 minutes.

Train 1: Johor Bahru to Gemas

  • There are 4 trains a day from Johor Bahru to Gemas.
Johor BharuGemasTrainService
09:1513:5942Southern Shuttle
14:3019:0744Southern Shuttle
19:1500:0326Ekspress Rakyat Timuran

Train 2: Gemas to Ipoh

  • There are 2 trains a day from Gemas to Ipoh.
08:1013:119420ETS Gold
15:1019:599372ETS Gold

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Johor Bahru Railway Station

  • JB Sentral Station is the main railway station in Johor Bahru and the terminus for shuttle services from Singapore.

Google Map of JB Sentral Station

Gemas Railway Station

Google Map of Gemas Railway Station

Ipoh Railway Station

Google Map of Ipoh Railway Station

Things to do in Ipoh

Ipoh’s main tourist attractions can be divided into two groups by locations: the city centre attractions and the out of town attractions. In terms of things to do and see in the city centre, the main attraction is the Old Town area.

History of Ipoh

From the 1880 through the mid-1980s Ipoh was a thriving economic centre made rich on the mining and trade of tin ore deposits discovered in the surrounding area. The British colonial government invested a lot of money into public buildings in Ipoh, most notably its magnificent railway station, High Court and Town Hall.

Immigration to Ipoh

The trade in tin also attracted private business investors and lots of immigrants, particularly from China and India. All these visitors left their mark on Ipoh most noticeably in the form of distinctive architecture. The most lasting influence has been from the Chinese settlers, and their heritage has been highlighted as one of the major draws for visitors to the city. For instance, a walk down the excitingly named Concubine Lane offers visitors the opportunity to visit old fashioned shops and restaurants offering an insight into how local people used to live.

Street Art in Ipoh

More recently a series of murals by well known artist Ernest Zacharevic has been created in random locations across the Old Town creating another attraction for visitors to the city.

Cave temple in Ipoh
Cave temple in Ipoh
Cave Temples in Ipoh

Ipoh is surrounded by limestone hills which as well as being rich in tin ore are also rich in culture. Early Chinese migrants included monk who founded temples in the naturally occurring caves of these hills, the most famous of which are Sam Poh Tong Temple, Ling Sen Tong Temple and Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple. You can reach these cave temples by local bus but most visitors use their own vehicles or take a taxi.

Points of Interest near Ipoh

Also of interest are:

  • Gua Tambun Cave Paintings: 3,000 year old cave paintings discovered in 1959.
  • Gua Tempurung: Large cave, parts of which have been made easily accessible with walkways and lighting.
  • Gaharu Tea Valley Gopeng: Large tea plantation open to the public.
  • Royal Belum State Park Perak: Ancient forest fill of wildlife.

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