Kuala Lipis is in the Cameron Highlands
Trains from Johor Bahru

Trains from Johor Bahru to Kuala Lipis

To reach Kuala Lipis by train, which is a former colonial town deep within the Cameron Highlands, you need to travel along Malaysia’s famous east coast train line more commonly known as the ‘Jungle Line’. [Read more…]

Kenong Rimba Park near Kuala Lipis
Trains from Kota Bharu

Trains from Kota Bharu to Kuala Lipis

Kuala Lipis is located 287 km South of Kota Bharu on Malaysia’s famous ‘Jungle Railway’. The journey by train to Kuala Lipis takes 6 hours 45 minutes. Train Times from Kota Bharu to Kuala Lipis [Read more…]