Trains from Padang Besar to Ipoh

Padang Besar is a border town and the place where you can connect from the Thailand Railway System to the Malaysian Railway system. Padang Besar in Malaysia is at the top end of Malaysia’s main West Coast Train Line which terminates at Gemas via Kuala Lumpur. For train travel from Padang Besar to Singapore you need to change trains in Gemas and continue your journey to Johor Bharu.

Train Times from Padang Besar to Ipoh

There are currently 5 direct train services a day from Padang Besar to Ipoh.

TrainPadang BesarIpohService
927307:3010:30ETS Platinum
927509:3512:35ETS Platinum
927713:4016:40ETS Platinum
942515:5018:55ETS Gold
927916:4519:43ETS Platinum

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Padang Besar Railway Station

The distance between Thailand’s Padang Besar train station and Malaysia’s Padang Besar train station is 6.4 km. There are three daily train services from Thailand which travel as far as Padang Besar Train Station in Malaysia. If you miss those connections then you need to take a taxi or motorbike taxi to travel between the two stations.

Google Map of Padang Besar Railway Station

Ipoh Railway Station

Ipoh Railway Station is located in the city centre 400 metres walk away from the Birch Memorial Tower.

Google Map of Ipoh Railway Station

Sightseeing in Ipoh

Ipoh is Malaysia’s third largest city with a population of over 650,000.

History of Ipoh

Ipoh grew rapidly in the late 1800s as a consequence of there being large deposit of tin in the surrounding area. The tin mining era has now long passed and Ipoh has developed new industries including a burgeoning tourist industry. Ipoh has some fantastic colonial-era architecture, splendid limestone hills and caves, and a number of interesting temples in the surrounding area. In addition the city has a unique cuisine which is very popular with Malaysian tourists.

Royal Ipoh Club
Royal Ipoh Club

Ipoh is well worth visiting, although the majority of foreign visitors to South East Asia are yet to realise it. It is not a major destination on the ‘tourist trail’ and a relatively small number of visitors come to Ipoh compared to Penang or Kuala Lumpur, and that for us adds to the area’s charm.

Places to Visit in Ipoh

If you decide to go to Ipoh here are the places we recommend that you visit:

  • Ipoh Old Town: Ipoh’s railway station is located in the old town and it is one of several examples of great colonial era architecture you will find in Ipoh. Like other grand colonial era railway stations in Malaysia this British designed building draws inspiration from the Mughal architecture of Northern India. Aside from British era architecture, the Old Town’s other interesting architectural style is Chinese. The Old Town has atmospheric streets with Chinese style shop houses. A more modern aspect to the Old Town is the street art, particularly on the Jalan Tun Sambanthan Road.
  • The Hills and Caves: There is a ridge of limestone hills extending around 20 km to both the North and South of Ipoh which is one of the main attractions for tourists coming to Ipoh. Within this small mountain range are a number of large caves accessible to the public, such as the Gua Tempurung cave which is slightly over 3 km long with several large chambers containing stalactites and stalagmites.
  • The Temples: There are a wide variety of temples to visit both in the city and the surrounding countryside most popular of which are the cave temples such as Perak Cave Temple 6 km to the North of Ipoh and Sam Poh Tong Cave Temple 6.4 km to the South East of the train station.

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